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What is 'The Mark'?




The Degree of Mark Master Mason is the third largest in Freemasonry and is considered by many, particularly those with knowledge of the Degree, to be “The Fourth regular step in Freemasonry.”

The order is governed by the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons and its Districts and Lodges Overseas from Mark Masons’ Hall, 86,St.James’s Street, London SW1A 1PL and is ruled by the Grand Master HRH Prince Michael of Kent.
The Ritual of the Degree is one of encouragement and is founded on a single verse from Psalm 118 “The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.” It incorporates the traditional practice of operative masons in using a distinguishing Mark to identify their individual work so that they may receive their wages. It deals with the building of King Solomon’s Temple and the various Craftsmen employed. It highlights that the wisest of men can be mistaken, that experts can be wrong, and that often by their perseverance the weakest triumph.

The Degree is popularly known as “the friendly degree” and its members have a strong belief that among Mark Master Masons you will ever find friends.

All candidates for the Degree must be a Craft Master Mason all of whom will find that the Mark Degree greatly enhances their understanding of the link between the Craft and Royal Arch Masonry.

The Degree is practiced world wide and outside England and Wales and in many countries is a mandatory step to becoming a Master Mason.

Mark Lodges in the Province of Dyfed

2018 Grand Mark Investiture

Congratulations to all six members of the Province receivng Grand Rank honours this year:

From Left to Right:
RW Bro Ivor Shuttleworth (PPGM), W Bro Tom Evans, RW Bro Gareth Hicks (PGM), 
W Bro Wynne Moodie, W Bro Martin Lowe (DepPGM), W Bro Clive Griffith, W Bro Jeffrey Squirrell,
W Bro Bob Davies

Lliedi Mark Lodge celebrates new members 

Dep PGM WBro Martin Lowe and Master of Lliedi Mark Lodge WBro
Wynne Evans welcome new members Andy and Des Davies 
(No relations !)  

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