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Loventium Lodge - October Meeting

Loventium Lodge - Friday October 5th  

W.Bro. Dr Paul Richard Calderwood PGSD

Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Province of South Wales

W Bro Calderwood will be givig a lecture at our next meeting to be held in Aberaeron - commencing at 6pm 

W Bro Paul was the Prestonian Lecturer for 2013 and is the current secretary of Quatuor Coronati ...

His lecture in 2013 examined the way in which Freemasonry was portrayed in the national press in England and Wales during the twentieth-century. It considers how and why the public image (as distinct from the internal image) of Freemasonry changed from that of a highly-respected élite organisation, at the centre of public life in 1900, to a position on the fringes in the 1990s, regarded by many people with suspicion and disapproval. In England and Wales, Freemasonry’s reluctance to engage with the media after 1936 powerfully assisted its critics, who grew in strength significantly as a result of developments within the media and the churches. It is also notes that throughout this period, “Conspiracy culture” remained strong, rendering the privacy/secrecy of Freemasonry a major handicap to public understanding.

He is now studying Mark Masonry in our area and we look forward to an interesting talk on Mark Masonry...


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