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Dyfed Mark Provincial Lottery


Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Dyfed


Annual Lottery


Are you a subscribing member of a Mark Lodge within the Province of Dyfed?

Would you like the opportunity to win a few hundred pounds?

Then please consider participating in the Annual Lottery

The Dyfed Provincial Annual Lottery was set up to provide funds to offset the costs associated with Annual General Meeting, and the general costs of running the province including the extra costs when installing a new Provincial Grand Master, an event which takes place every 5 to 10 years.

The entry fee is £10 per annum payable on 1st April each year

The Annual Prize Fund is 50% of the entry fees collected in that year.

The Prize Fund is then allocated as follows:


First Prize 50%   Second Prize 30%        Third Prize 20%

In 2018 the Prizes were:

First Prize £225    Second Prize £135      Third Prize £90



Simply download the Application Form and Rules, complete and send to the Provincial Grand Treasurer E.G.S. Mock, Rocksdrift, Enfield Road, Broad Haven, Haverfordwest, SA62 3JW your bank mandate will be forwarded to your bank and you will be allocated a lottery number. Come along to the Annual Meeting on 29th June to see if you’ve won.


Best of Luck!


Download / View Rules here 

Download / View Bank Mandate here

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