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2020 is a year which will long be remembered with the impact of the Covid-19 virus causing a global Pandemic  which has impacted on the lives of millions of people.

When the first Lockdown in the UK happened, the Provincial Grand Master immediately requested that the Provincial Benevolent Fund  gave donations of £1,000 each to Foodbanks in the three Counties in our Province, to support those in our communities likely to suffer most from the shutdown of the economy and shielding.


As the summer went on it became clear that many people were suffering from the loneliness of isolation, carers isolated from their usual support,  children from not being able to go to school. He therefore made an Appeal to the Mark Masons of the Province to donate to the Benevolent Fund, specifically to support donations to a variety of charities and good causes to support those people and to help foodbanks to provide a little more for Christmas

Following this appeal, £4500 was donated to 11 such bodies throughout the Province.

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